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Format for email: jpeg preferred, 72 dpi.  If you don't know what that means or can't figure that out, email them and they can be formatted for the site.


Moishe's twin in his best regal pose.


Here's Jazz, Cheryl Harrington's parakeet. 
 Jazz is the inspiration for Sweety Boy,
 Charlotte LaRue's parakeet in Barbara Colley's cozy mystery series.  (
Jazz would love to meet Moishe, but only if he's safe in his cage. 
Barbara says Sweety Boy feels the same.

This is Mr. Guy, the inspiration for "Prozac" in Laura Levine's
Jaine Austen mystery series.  Mr. Guy thinks Moishe's mighty lucky
to be living with a terrific cook like Hannah!

Barbara Henry's cat, Dandelion, king of all he surveys

Duffy Wilson waiting for the chauffer.
Photo by Ken Wilson

18 year old Chloe. She likes to instruct me in the kitchen.
Photo by Christine Miles, Tucson, AZ

Zoey and Chloe rescued at one week
and nurtured by my knit group friend Jamie.

Little Bitt posing with his favorite celebrity, Puss in Boots.
He is working on his Spanish accent and says mrrow ("hi") to Moishe
Photo by Celia Scheer

Mikita is a fan and is waiting to find out who the next victim is!
Photo by Marcia Faulkner

Molly, age 8, loves to make a bed on what I am working on.
By the way, "Mom" wants Norman and Hannah together.
Photo by Debby Pittman

Archie (5) and Dewey (1) both feral cats were found
outside the Vacaville Townsquare Library where the librarian
told patrons about Joanne's books.
Photo by Rena Gallant

This is Taffy, to whom we belong...
Photo by Mary Hefleng

Chester. Even a Yorkshire Terrier is Irish on St. Patrick's Day.

Here's Willoughby, giving his mom dirty looks because she's
spending too much time with Hannah and not enough time with him.

My cat Charm.
Photo by Julie Miles

I have just discovered these lovely books and intend to read them all and bake lots ;-)
 Here is my lovely, fat boy Gizmo! Thanks for the books and recipes,
although some of the ingredients are a mystery as I am in Cornwall, UK
Photo by Mandie

Shirley Kyte's "grand" cat Jack has been helping his "mumma"
study but now thinks she should be done so he just makes it difficult for her.

Mitzie "fishing" in a rain barrel.
Photo by TJ Williams

Gary Cat guarding the front door
wonders why there isn't a "kitty bag" for leftovers?
Photo by Karen Bradshaw

Flannery can saw "NOW!"

Tootles, our newest friend.
Photo by Doreen Weaton

In memoriam.
Sane, at his favorite place -- the living room window.
He is very much missed.
Photo by Regina Williams

Memphis (Domestic Blue) and Peanut (Manx Rumpie)
are best buds. They enjoy hunting and bringing in their live catch to show off.
Their Mom loves to read and is always first in line at the library for the new
Hannah Swensen mysteries!
Photo by Linda Blanco

Our black calico, Elise, is very sweet and an excellent traveler, just wary of strangers.
Gray and white Spike fools you with his calm and regal look, he's quite a crazy cat.
I'm happy that Hannah's pets play such a big role in the mysteries.
Photo by Sara Boyd

Suzy at 17 is a lap cat whenever her
person is in "her" room reading your wonderful books.
Photo by Diane Saint

Hog and Stahlin are 7 years old. (Hog has more black.)
I love them both very much, just like Cuddles and Moishe

A very handsome bunny.
Photo by Tracy Bishop

Mr. Lincoln came to us as a 5 week-old feral kitten.
He is now 8 years old. He doesn't care for the Hannah Swensen
books because they detract from the attention he feels he so
richly deserves.
Photo by Tina Hanson

Willie enjoys some Christmas fun.
 I am reading The Plum Pudding Murder, my
first Hannah novel, and love it!
Photo by June Summers

Gus loves Carrot Cake Murder because
his name is in it!
Photo by Olivia Grutzius

Monkee, our first kitty, lived to 15. Abby misses her playmate
and get-into-trouble-partner.
Photo by Elisa Varey

Photo by Nicole Thrasher

Polka Dot showed up last March on my daughter's birthday.
She loves to cuddle and stay warm in the cold Minnesota winters.
We love the books and want Hannah and Norman to get together.
Photo by Karina and Justis